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Creativity software for better brainstorming, creative thinking and problem solving.

Why would you want creativity software?

The key idea behind such software is that it will actually improve your ability to generate new ideas which work. You do not just want to come up with all the same old ideas again and again. Brainstorming software will improve the quality of your brainstorming and it will use pro-active creative thinking techniques which have been shown to work. You should benefit by coming up with products and services which are bigger and better than your competitors and you should be happier about doing so.

Good quality creativity software will actually make you think in different ways. It will not do so in an agressive way and it should not make you think in a way you do not want to. It should help you explore alternative ways of solving a problem and spark off new ideas which you would never normally think of.

What should good creativity software enable you to do?

Good creativity software will enable you to:
  • Generate new ideas easily
  • Be more creative than others with little effort
  • Generate new products and services which beat your competitors
  • Brainstorm effectively by yourself
  • Crack those long-running problems and the ones that other people say can't be solved
It should have a process which is guaranteed to work and will definitely prompt new ideas in any situation what so ever. It should use creative thinking techniques which work in different situations and which suit different styles for different people. These techniques should include:

  • Pro-active techniques for interactive prompts
  • Reactive techniques which bring the real problem to the fore
  • Both text and pictoral techniques for different styles
  • Techniques which work for products and services
  • Techniques which work on objects, processes and people
The software which include techniques which are suitable for different types of personality and ability. These include: boisterous, adventurous, playful, shy, reserved, quiet, sociable, non-sociable, logical, classically creative, thinkers, do-ers, managers, manual workers, extravagant, bright, intelligent people.

We have designed all of the above criteria into our software. We have included a wide range of techniques for you to use and we know that these techniques work. (Click here to see the range of techniques included.)If you use our software we will guarantee that you will come up with ideas that you would never have had before. Please try it for free today. If you do not like it then let us know why and we will change it for you.

What to consider with creativity software?

There are many things to consider when deciding if you need creativity software. The crucial questions of whether they work and whether they are value for money are important questions to answer. You need to have experienced the software making a difference to you if you want to put yourself in a position of choice.

Unlike many many things you can buy, software is something which you can actually use for free and only decide to buy afterwards if you like it. In fact most people with Internet access do not buy software before trying it. Our software is no exception. You can try it for free for 30 days and only if you like it do you need to buy it from us. We would then send you a password which unlocks the software. You can try the fully working real version and you just keep using it after purchasing it.

Software with a full training package

Brainstorming Toolbox not only allows you access to better lateral thinking, creative thinking and problem solving. It also enables you to use the techniques in a simple, structured way on a day to day basis. Brainstorming Toolbox is extremely user-friendly, so you spend more time using it than learning it.

By promoting pro-active brainstorming, Brainstorming Toolbox helps you develop new ideas and solutions to bring success to you and your business. Brainstorming Toolbox makes generating new ideas and solutions extremely easy and will improve your brainstorming sessions greatly. It will even allow you to brainstorm successfully by yourself by using the computer to steer you in alternative directions.

Brainstorming Toolbox is designed to run along our free brainstorming training at

We hope you will at least try the software we have designed for you. You can try it for free for 30 days so you have nothing to lose. Either press the Download Me section of the right-hand menu or click here

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