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Instructions on using the random picture technique are at the bottom of this page, below the random picture itself.
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How to use the Random Picture technique

Welcome to the Random Picture technique.

This technique is very similar to the Random Word technique and the principles of why it works are explained in that section so please read that first. (Click here to read the Random Word technique.)

A summary is that you use a Random Picture as a prompt to come up with new ideas and solutions.

In Brainstorming Toolbox there is a special section for making the Random Picture technique come to life. In it you are automatically given a random picture (one randomly chosen from a large set of pictures) to help you generate new ideas.

You should look at the picture, extract an idea from it and use this idea as a bridge between the picture and a possible solution to your problem. Try to see anything in the picture which reminds you of your problem and how it might be solved. What activities are going on? What situations are being faced? Why are the people doing what they are doing?

With a picture in front of you, extract an idea from it, or imagine a similar theme/person/action happening within your own situation.

Next think of how you can use that new situation/object/attitude to your advantage.

Use similar techniques and attitudes to those for the Random Word. The same watchouts and skills are needed as described for the Random Word technique.

What do you have to be careful of when using the technique?

You must be careful of deciding that a specific picture is of no use and getting another instead. If you do this then often you are just trying to choose a random picture which obviously fits into the problem you are trying to solve and therefore you end up with a picture which is not random. Again, the skill is to work out HOW the picture can be made to fit.

You also have to be careful of linking the picture with an idea you already know about. You have to train your mind not to do this and to take the picture at face value and not use the technique to come up with an old idea to show that the old idea is good.

Also, a point which is not so relevant to Random Word, is that you may just stare at the picture and think how nice the picture is and not get anything out of it except a sense of well-being (which may not be such a bad thing after all).

Please try this technique for yourself and you will certainly improve at coming up with new ideas.

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