Information for Health & Safety Officers

Protect your staff from computer related RSI, back pain and eye-strain.

115 million days were lost from work due to back pain in Britain in 1994/95 (Dept. of Social Security)

200,000 people are affected by RSI costing UK industry up to £1 billion (TUC estimate, 1995)

All employees must ensure that work on computers is periodically interrupted by breaks or changes in activity.(UK health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992)

Compensation awarded for a single typing related RSI case has reached £155,000 (approx $250,000 US).

Injuries derived from computers cost your company money and are preventable.
Let ScreamSaver help you prevent them.

Benefits of ScreamSaver
  • Protect staff from injury
  • Reduce the cost incurred by absence
  • Reduce potential for future compensation claims
  • Comply with current UK and EC regulations
  • Increase productivity and quality of output
  • Reduce stress and improve morale
  • Low, one off installation cost
  • Easy network installation
  • Easy customisation

Let ScreamSaver help you meet UK and EC regulations and raise the profile of Health & Safety within your company.

UK Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992
Regulation 2
"Every employer shall perform a suitable and sufficient analysis of [computer] workstations."
We recommend using DSE Manager to do this.
Regulation 4
"Every employer shall so plan the activities of users at work in his undertaking that their daily work on display screen equipment is periodically interrupted by such breaks or changes of activity as reduce their workload at that equipment."
We recommend using ScreamSaver to do this.
Regulation 6
"Every employer shall ensure that each user at work in his undertaking is provided with adequate health and safety training."
We recommend using the ScreamSaver Computer Safety Training program to do this. You can even use it to register that the training has been done.

EC Directive 90/270/EC

The EC directive gives european employers an obligation to look after their staff in the similar ways that UK employers must protect them. Your own country will have similar laws to those mentioned above. (If it doesn't then it should have!)

Special program for setting up ScreamSaver on your network

You can use the special 'Administrator' module to customise ScreamSaver across a network by:
  • Setting initial timings for your staff to use.
  • Enforcing the recommended time limits.
  • Displaying the name and details of your computer health and safety contact.
  • Displaying a customised message on the screen.
  • Providing a direct link to you company safety policy.
  • Logging and analysis of all breaks taken and those ignored.

Click here to download the administrator module for Windows 95/98/NT.
Click here to download the administrator module for Windows 3.x.

When you have downloaded the main program copy this program into the application directory:
The C:\Program Files\ScrmSvr\ directory is the default for Windows 95/98/NT.
The C:\ScrmSvr\ directory is the default for Windows 3.x.

ScreamSaver ergonomic training module

ScreamSaver also comes with a comprehensive training module so that you can meet you legal obligation to train users on computer safety. Download the trial version to see it. (You can even make employees register that they have read it.)

Next steps in your evaluation
  1. Download the trial version and install it for employees at risk Click here to download.
  2. Gather their feedback after a couple of weeks.
  3. Obtain a price for a company licence from Infinite Innovations Ltd.
  4. Order the licence.
  5. Obtain a special key to unlock the software for your company.
  6. Distribute to all computers and networks.
Contact us by email at for prices and other details on how to install and test ScreamSaver on your network. We will help you at every stage of the process. You will given a named contact for all of your questions and for technical support.

Substantial discounts are available for bulk purchases. Please email us and let us know how many licences you are interested in purchasing.

Computer Risk Assessments made easy
Make Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments easy and quick with DSE Manager. For more details click here.

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