Preventing Computer Related Injuries

All computer related injuries are dependant on the time spent at them and using them. If you reduce the time you spend using computers you will reduce the risk of getting a computer related injury. Often this is not much of an option due to work commitments. The next best thing is to take short regular breaks and do stretching and relaxing exercises. You will feel better and you will work better.

Some injuries are linked to the actual amount of work you do at your computer (eg over-use injuries) and others are linked to the continuous length of time you spend at your computer (eg postural pains). By taking regular breaks from your computer and doing stretching exercises you decrease the risk of computer injuries.

The following is a list of computer related injuries and complaints which can be prevented by taking regular breaks:
  1. Eye strain and eye discomfort
  2. Back and neck pain
  3. Over-use injuries (eg RSI, WRULD)
  4. Stress
  5. Headaches & migraines
  6. Skin problems
Most people find it very hard to remember to have enough breaks and this is why ScreamSaver is so useful in prompting them to take regular breaks. A reliable reminder on your screen is the best way to remember to take breaks and prevent injuries.

Click here for more indepth information on computer injuries and how to prevent them.

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