What features does ScreamSaver have?

ScreamSaver is software which reminds you to take regular breaks. It will flash up on your screen and warn you. It has many different options which you can change to make it more intrusive or less intrusive depending on your needs.

A special training program is included with ScreamSaver which gives you guidance on ergonomic factors and good computer use.

ScreamSaver allows you to change the timings and settings easily

You can change the following settings:
  • Time between breaks
  • Length of breaks
  • Use of increasingly long breaks (ie you take longer and longer breaks during the course of the day)
  • Sound
  • Display exercises every time
  • Colour of screen
  • Whether ScreamSaver starts every time you open Windows
High Reliability
ScreamSaver is designed to have a very high reliability of appearing and it is very important to know that your reminder will appear every time it is needed.

Very user-friendly
ScreamSaver is designed very carefully to make sure that it is the most user-friendly package for you to use. If you are going to have a program interrupt you every twenty minutes or so, you do not want to buy one that you find so annoying that you turn it off. ScreamSaver has numerous options which determine how intrusive it is so that you can use it to suit you. Try it for yourself and decide. The demonstration version works for 30 days before you need to decide.

You will be pleasantly surprised how user friendly ScreamSaver is.

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