Welcome to the ScreamSaver upgrade page

This page allows you to download the latest upgrades of our software. The files on this page make it quicker to upgrade than downloading the complete installation files and re-installing. Upgrading is FREE for our current customers only if you tell two other people about our software.

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You should ONLY use these files if you have previously installed the programs on your computer. Otherwise you should download the full installation program and not just these update files. Click here to download the full program.

NOTE that if you want to evaluate the new upgrade but you have not purchased the program yet, then you may find that the expiry date has passed. You may need to get a password from us which will allow it to run again so you can evaluate it. The program will not initially run and you will be prompted for a password. In this case you will need to send us the Identity Code which it displays. We can then send you the password which unlocks it and allows it to run for longer time period so you can properly evaluate the update.

ScreamSaver Upgrade

1. Download the upgrade file

Click here to download "ssupgrade.EXE" for Windows 95/98/NT.
Save the file to the directory on your computer where ScreamSaver was previously installed (by default it is either C:\Program Files\ScrmSvr\).

2. Extract the NEW program files from this compressed file:

The downloaded file contains all the new program files in a compressed form. When the file has been downloaded then you should run it (by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer). If you get an error message of "No CE signature" then the download of the file did not work correctly and you should download the file again.

A box will appear. Enter the directory you want to extract the files to in the "Extract to:" box. You need to make sure that you put the files into the same directory as you installed the original program or it won't work. The default locations in the original installations were: C:\Program Files\ScrmSvr\. Press the "Extract" button to extract the files. Choose "Yes" when asked if you want to overwrite the existing files.

3. Run the programs as normal.

The overall program has not changed but it is now has several buttons on the settings screen where you can vary the level of intrusiveness. You now have the option to have ScreamSaver only appear on the Windows Taskbar which is less intrusive.

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