Why do I need ScreamSaver?

Because you are unlikely to take enough breaks without it.

  • Do you use a computer at work?
  • Do you use a computer at home?
  • Do your children use a computer at home?
The simple fact is that nearly everyone who uses a computer should take more breaks than they currently do. Without taking sufficient breaks you may suffer from injury and your quality of work will certainly decrease. If you use a computer then ScreamSaver will help you protect yourself from injuries and discomfort. There is a legal obligation for companies to make their employees take regular breaks so there must be a good reason for taking such measures.

You must ask yourself if you take enough breaks without being reminded.ScreamSaver will help you take regular breaks so that you feel and work better.

It will help you to regulate the time you spend sitting at your computer by prompting you to stop using your computer and to do simple stretching exercises. It flashes on your screen after a pre-determined time and prompts you to take a break.

You can order a single licence for ScreamSaver for just £19.95 UK pounds Sterling (or $40 US). You can pay by credit card across the Internet. You can pay by cheque or by credit/debit card for immediate purchase and we will send a password to you by email so that the time-limited program keeps running.

Click here for information on downloading a free demonstration version.

P.S. Why not purchase ScreamSaver to encourage your children to take regular breaks and do regular exercise. A timely reminder can often encourage children to do something else other than use their computer.

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