ScreamSaver screen shots

This web page contains screen views of the main ScreamSaver screens. This page may take a while to load up so please be patient.

The images shown are:
  1. The main ScreamSaver screen
  2. The ScreamSaver settings screen
  3. The ScreamSaver exercise screen
  4. One of the ScreamSaver Training module screens

Screen view of the main ScreamSaver screen

This is the screen which pops up and reminds you to take a break. (P.S. you can set your own timings and level of intrusiveness.) You can change the colour, sound and other aspects. You can even make it fill the whole screen.

Screen view of the main ScreamSaver settings screen

This screen allows you to adjust ScreamSaver to suit your own work style and needs. Please download ScreamSaver and read the help manual for more details on how to customise it to suit you.

Screen view of the ScreamSaver exercise screen

This screen prompts you to do exercises to help you keep healthy. More details about each exercise are instantly available in the electronic help manual.

Screen view of the ScreamSaver training module

This screen is an example of a screen in the training module.

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