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"I have felt an immediate change in mind states." - Keith, NZ.
"This is the best subliminal messages program that I have seen!" - Steve, USA.
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Welcome to the "Self-help Subliminals" web page.

Self-help Subliminals is a special computer program that enables you to display your own subliminal messages and use them to change your life. Use it while at work or while playing games.

You use the subliminal program to display your own positive affirmations subliminally in word or picture form. You are in total control of the messages which are displayed and how the messages are displayed.

Subliminal messages are messages which are displayed for such a short period of time that your mind does not consciously register what it sees. Instead your mind registers it sub-consciously. This means that your conscious mind cannot form arguments against the ideas and so you are more susceptible to the subliminal idea.

While there is much controversy about subliminal advertising and using subliminal messages without willing subjects, Self-help Subliminals lets you decide what subliminal messages to give to yourself. The messages and ideas which you want to put into your sub-conscious are controlled by you and you alone.

Over 370 positive affirmations are included to help you develop and improve your mental and physical state. These are split into 35 useful categories including improved self-esteem, prosperity, coping with exams and better memory.

Using subliminal computer software compared to using subliminal audio-tapes:

There are lots of subliminal audio-tapes on the market covering a range of different subjects but there are some problems to consider as a potential purchaser:
  • For a start, you could be sold a normal tape with no subliminal messages on. It is impossible for you to find out if there is anything on the tapes at all.
  • You cannot even tell if the messages are helpful or even relevant to you.
  • You also need to spend a lot of money buying different tapes to cover different subjects.
If you buy our Self-help Subliminals software it covers a complete range of subjects and you can personalise it to suit you. You can also guarantee to yourself that the right messages are being shown by displaying them at a slower speed. Admittedly you need a computer, but for peace of mind about what you are being shown Self-help Subliminals must be the right option for you. Click here now to find out how to write good subliminal messages

If you want to use subliminal messages for any reason and you have access to a computer then this program is for you. Try it now.

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Awards: ZDNet 4 star rating simply the best software rating 5 star quality rating from SuperShareware
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After you have tried the program for yourself and find that it works for you,
you can use it forever by purchasing it for only £24.95 (approx $36 US)!

How can you benefit from subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages can help you change your mind for the better. You can use them to help you remove unhealthy ways of thinking and increase good ways of thinking. All without the normal struggle. Examples of this are by using subliminal messages to:
  • increase confidence and assertiveness
  • improve self-esteem
  • stop smoking
  • lose weight
  • reduce stress and for better relaxation
  • revise for exams
  • reduce addictions and phobias
  • enhance sports performance
  • improve memory skills
  • become happier and have better relationships

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How can "Self-help Subliminals" help you?

Self-help Subliminals is here to help you. Flash your own messages onto your screen to help you take these ideas on board. You decide what messages to display. You can display both written messages and pictures. You can even work through a whole passage of text which you want to learn. Or you can even subliminally display your list of things to do.

In the press of a button you can make Self-help Subliminals activate every time you start your computer so that you always make maximum use of it.

Self-help Subliminals helps you to help yourself by letting you display your own subliminal messages.

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We hope that you will find Self-help Subliminals useful and that you will benefit from using it. Please purchase a licence to use it forever. It will only cost you $40 US Dollars or £24.95 UK pounds Sterling

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