How to write your own good subliminal messages

There are several factors which affect whether subliminal messages will be effective.
  1. The message should be in the first person (using I or me).
  2. The message should be in the present tense.
  3. The message should be positive and must not be the reverse of a negative.
You should write the message as if you are talking to yourself. Your subconscious mind works in the present only so the messages should be in the present tense. You should prompt your mind about things you do want to think about and you should be careful not to remind it of things you do not want to think about. For example, if you write I do not want to smoke then the image which your mind uses is based on the word smoke and you are constantly reminded of this image which is not productive.

Example of using your own subliminal messages:

Good: You should use the first person (I am happy), current tense (I am happy), positive affirmations (I am happy).
(This positive affirmation would have a direct impact on the image which your mind will conjure up when you read the message).

Bad: You should be careful not to use negative affirmations (eg I am not sad) because these remind you of negative thoughts.
(This negative affirmation would create an unhelpful image in your mind when you read the message).

Be happy and use positive affirmations

You should experiment for yourself and it is best to personalise the messages to yourself and your own situation.

Examples of good subliminal messages:

Good examples can be found in the list of categories and subliminal messages you can choose in Self-help Subliminals (software for displaying your own subliminal messages on your computer). The program contains over 370 messages for you to use immediately and you can update the messages for free whenever they become available. You are given the ability to add your own and change any of the messages.

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