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Some of the great comments our customers have made about Self-help Subliminals. Please your own comments and suggestions.

"These are great, I am seeing immediate results. I will continue using this! I really didn't expect this to work so well!!!" Jane Derry

"Thank you very much for your response. 24 days ago, I downloaded a trial version of your software. Within that time frame I seen, felt tremendous changes within me." Steve Murray

"I have felt an immediate change in mind states." Keith, NZ.

"I find it extremely useful and effective." Thomas Valatka

"This is the best subliminal messages program that I have seen!" Steve, USA.

"Hi, I just found your subliminal computer item while searching for subliminal tapes. I have downloaded your trial and I just wanted to let you know that I am have so much fun with it. There are so many areas where I need help and this software is fantastic. I have forwarded your website along to a friend of mine as I know she will also find it very worthwhile. Thanks for the fun and for the hope of change. Sincerely, Sherry Page"

"I have used your program for the 30 days and it is excellent. I had another program similar but it would not allow me to add images, which are very powerful to the subconscious. Thank you again! Great Product!" C. Cadden-Kaffashan

"Interesting use of the program, proof that it is indeed valuable. Reached out and grabbed me." L. Jazwiecki

"My name is William Ischanoe and I am just trying your Self-help Subliminals program. I have to say that it works perfectly and I am quite nicely surprised."

"Excellent program. Yours Sincerely Vincent Smith"

"I believe this program has really helped." John Stevens

"Congratulations! Your software Self-Help Subliminals has been awarded a 5 star rating at A1 Yippee Shareware."

"love the software" Adam Cabell

"By the way, this is a great tool. Thanks. I am having results too but I won't talk too much about it ...yet. Again, many thanks." Faith

"Thank you so much. I love your program and have already reaped benefits. Keep up the good work." Mike Hensley

"Love your subliminal software." Steven Beresford

"Hello, I've been using your program for about a month and a half. I wanted to share something that I consider a break through for me. All my life I've had a dreadfull fear of the dentist (There is well founded reason for this that goes back to my childhood). I have avoided going all my life unless it was absolutely necessary. It wasn't uncommen for me to pass out in the dentist chair. I've even bit a dentist when my jaws would clinch in the process of passing out. My fear is that intense. Usually my dentist would give me nitrus-oxide (sorry if the spelling is wrong), known as laughing gas, to put me in a better frame of mind. I can't even describe the feeling of even thinking about going to the dentest except total terror. With this understanding I hope you will appreciate what you have done for me. I put into the messages, for a whole other reason, these messages: 1) I am brave, 2)I am courageous, 3)I am fearless. Today I went to the dentist. I walked in feeling great. I knew I had major problems with a couple teeth, but the paralyzing fear wasn't there. Although I wouldn't call a visit like this enjoyable, it wasn't bad. I felt no fear. The dreaded terror was gone.
f your program did nothing more than this, I would have to say I got a bargin. I have argued with friends who think that some of the effects I feel do to your program is just a placebo effect. I'm very much a skeptic of a lot of things, and I usually go into projects like this with the attitude that I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Very few test I have made actually have given the response I've wanted. You have not only given me something that I feel actually works but has gone far beyond what I expected. You may use this endorsement as you see fit, and I can only Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Forever in your debt." Craig Lowe.

"The product is very powerful. Other things I am having success with is a change in my eating habits, a raise in activity level, and increased focus at work. I might have to cut down on the ones dealing with procrastination. It seems like I'm always in a "Do it now" mode. I didn't mean to ramble on so much; but, life is a little more fun and exiting with your program. Thanks, Craig Lowe"

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