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subliminal messages: What does it say? What does Self-help Subliminals look like?

This web page contains screen views of the main Self-help Subliminals screens. You will see how Self-help Subliminals works and how you can use it easily.

There are two programs which you use to display the subliminal messages:

1. There is the Self-help Subliminals program itself. This activates the displaying of subliminal messages and runs hidden in the background.

2. The Settings for Self-help Subliminals program allows you to set and change the way that the messages are displayed and allows you to decide what messages to display.

The following images are from the settings program:
  1. The Self-help Subliminals welcome screen
  2. The Self-help Subliminals settings screen
  3. The Self-help Subliminals message control screen

The Welcome screen

This is the first screen you see when you run the settings program. From here you can move to the timing and message setting screens. You could also start displaying subliminal messages from here by pressing the Start button.

From the menu at the top of the screen you can choose to see the Settings or the Messages screens.

The Identity Code is used to obtain the right password which will unlock the program when you purchase it. Please let us know this code when you buy it.

The Settings screen

This screen allows you to change the settings of the messages: how long between each message and how long the message is displayed for. You can also decide where to display the message on your computer screen and can decide the font and size of the message.

You can decide the colour and sizes of the font used for the messages and can even make the background transparent so it is more subliminal.

You can also decide to make the subliminal messages program run every time Windows is opened, using this special screen.

You can make a special button (the Quick Stop button) appear in the taskbar which instantly turns the messages on and off. This enables you to stop them appearing when someone else is near to your computer.

When you set up the Quick Stop button you are given a choice of where on your screen the button appears. Your special On/Off button can appear in the System Tray (next to your clock) or in the Task Bar or you can hide it all together. To make it more discrete, you can change the name on the button and change the icon which appears in the System Tray.

The Messages screen

This is where you decide which messages to show. You can either select from an enormous list of pre-programmed messages or you can add your own. You can even personalise the existing ones by editing them. The messages are organised into categories so that you can select or deselect whole categories at once. Alternatively you can select or deselect individual messages.

If you add a subliminal message from this screen you will be shown the following screen:

You can either use a simple text message, a picture or you can work your way through a text file displaying a paragraph at a time.

One of the unique things about Self-help Subliminals is that you can download and install new categories from our website for free, whenever new ones are created. (Click here for the new category list. Note that the latest program always includes the full category list.)

To really see if it works you should download it and see for yourself.

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