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Minimum specification: Windows Vista/XP/98/2000, 486, 8Mb RAM, 3.5 Mb disk space. Click here for more details (We have been told it works on Apple Macs running "Virtual PC")

1. Download the installation file from this web page:
Click on one of the highlighted areas below to download the file which you need to install the program. You will be asked if you want to run or save this file to disk. Choose to save the file to disk and press the OK button. Please remember which directory you saved it to because you need to know this in the next step. (If you find it easier then you can choose to Open it and install it instantly.)

Click on the following areas to download the file. (Granted the "100% CLEAN" Softpedia award)

Download Self-help Subliminals messages software here

This file is approximately 225 Kb in size. Please make sure the whole file is downloaded or it will not work properly. Any problems, email us at .

2. Installing Self-help Subliminals
When the file has been downloaded then you should run it (by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer).

Follow the instructions carefully. Please use the default settings unless you have a particular reason not to. To use the default settings keep pressing "Next". Please write down the name of the directory where you have installed Self-help Subliminals if you choose another directory than the default one.

If you have any difficulties in installing Self-help Subliminals make sure that you have not got any other programs running at the same time. Some programs such as virus checkers and most often Microsoft Office and Lotus Smart Centre can cause installation problems and must be shut down before installation. If you are told that there is a conflicting application running you need to close them down first.

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3. Run Self-help Subliminals:
Run Self-help Subliminals in the same way that you would run any other program:

Press the START button, select PROGRAMS, select the Self-help Subliminals group and select the Settings for Self-help Subliminals icon.

You have five icons:

  1. Self-help Subliminals - This is the program that shows the subliminal messages. WARNING: you will not see anything happen when you run this because it runs subliminally (ie not visibly!)
  2. Self-help Subliminals Settings- This allows you to set the messages, timings and other features. You must run this program first before the main program will work properly.
  3. Self-help Subliminals Help - Help file and tutorial file, explains how to use the program and how to order it.
  4. Order Me - This links you to a secure purchasing site on the Internet for instant credit card purchase (and other methods too). The link is to http://www.infinn.com/subliminal/shsorderdirect.html
  5. Go to our website - This shows a page which links to our website.
When you run the Self-help Subliminals Settings program, the welcome screen will appear. You should change the messages and settings by using the Settings menu options. Read the help file for more information by pressing the "F1" button at any time. If you want to confirm which messages are being shown then try slowing down the display for 1 second every 2 seconds.

No messages will be shown until you press the "Start" button" on the Welcome screen or you run the Self-help Subliminals icon.

This evaluation version will work for 30 days after which you must buy a licence to continue using it. When you purchase a licence, we will send you the password which will allow Self-help Subliminals to continue working.

Purchasing Self-help Subliminals

We hope that you will find Self-help Subliminals useful and that you will benefit from using it. Please purchase a licence to use it forever.

Click here NOW for purchasing information on Self-help Subliminals

We accept checks/cheques and credit cards by SECURE SERVER, telephone, fax or mail.

Once you have registered, please send your unique Self-help Subliminals Identity Code so that we can then send you the password which will unlock the program.

Contact for details on how to order in bulk or for trade terms. Or please contact us for any other information about Self-help Subliminals.
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